good night !!
u ok?? :o

im ok !!! my brother just makes me rlly rlly mad i was havign a nice night then he has to go and take my thing ( its “thee families” but im the only one who uses it soo. and im an angry crier + i like dont ever talk about my feelings.. srry for worrying u but im ok

ok ill watch the anohana ending

Is everything alright? Please don't cry!

yeah im ok !! its just i usually bottle up my feelings and when something doesnt go my way i end up crying for a bit then i start to bottle up again. but its ok !! sorry for worrying u !!

but mayb, like usual, ill repress these feelings


i hate u i hate your i hatwe you pelase stop
( sorry that u get one thats sad thats just how i feel rn„ )

hi i nened to cry asap

For every ∯ I get I will say/confess something without specifying for whom it is meant

sigh im changin my url back to ubuki„, sorry about me changing urls so many times and confusing u„